10. DB Examples

DIVA distributive comes with two DDL examples (you can find them in installation directory):

•  Big_example.sql

•  Small_example.sql

Both are made from standard Oracle examples, and big scheme include small one. You can experiment with them freely, and look to DDL syntax itself as a reference if you notice some problems with your “Oracle” scripts. We do not include in distributive MsSQL or MySQL examples, however these formats are supported (MySQL still on development phase).

if you have your own export scripts that you want to be included as reference in future DIVA distributives, please send them to us.


11. Free and commercial version

Free version of DIVA has the same functionality as commercial one, with one exception – free version have limit of maximum 25 tables that can be viewed. The commercial version doesn't have such limitations. Free version considered to be used for non commercial development, or as demonstration of commercial version.

[12. VR version]