13. FAQ

Short answers on frequently asked questions that explaining of what is DIVA is.

  1. What is DIVA? DIVA is a viewer for databases physical structure that can show you any section of DB in different usable and easy forms (2D, 2.5D, 3D). You can easily understand connection between tables.
  2. For query building. Learn your DB and find needed relation for building your SQL query. It's easy with DIVA.
  3. For analyzing DB structure. Easy and quick understanding of your DB structure will help you to find weak points, and understand how it can be made better. This can help in integrating your DB subsystem with other subsystems.
  4. Why DIVA? Use DIVA in combination with your other favorite DB software, to fill the gap of structural understanding.
  5. Automatic or manual? DIVA is automatic graphical-scheme builder, not semi-automatic. Just load DDL script from your DB & receive its representation immediately in needed form.
  6. Why 3D? 2D is helpful in viewing specific input/output relations, in 3D all foreign key related data is gathered together. You know exact place in 3D space where your relation is located.
  7. How does it work? Working with DIVA is easy

  8. Where is novelty? You can waste many days in order to understand relations even in relatively small DB using available tools & classic methods (in most cases printed 2d diagrams). Or you can browse your DB in DIVA for a few hours and know every single dependency, and you can always easily refer to them again and again. Improve your performance and spend time on other things.

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